Monday, August 25, 2014

Many of you have been asking for this for quite some time and it’s finally here, CAMO! Check out the video below to see our new camo tip-ups that we’ll have available this 2014-15 season. They came out absolutely beautiful! We’ll be carrying these four patterns (Boneyard Nontypical, Greenleaf Camo, Wildfire Camo and Muddy Girl) in all sizes and styles of traps (excluding the trout trap) and either just the center upright or the whole trap camo. These tip-ups are currently available in most models and patterns here at our retail store in Monmouth and will be coming very soon to

To go with our announcement we are holding a little contest via Facebook and the winner will receive one of the first 26″ camo traps in the pattern of their choice! We are searching for a new photo for our homepage and it needs to be very high quality! Our ideal photo will feature a Jack Trap on the ice slightly off to the side with little to nothing else in the photo. We’d like it to be as clean as possible, so no other gear, foot prints, etc. if possible. We’ll be looking for a nice back ground and the more high quality of an image the better. But that said, everyone that has a nice photo of their Jack Trap please submit it! We’d love to see them all!

Submit your photos by sharing them on Jack Trap’s Facebook page and then share the post with your friends! Although we will ultimately decide on the winning image, images that get more likes, shares and comments will certainly be looked at more! We appreciate the opinions of others! We’ll review the photo submissions for one week and let you know what we decide. The winner will need to be able to send us the original photo file as photos tend to lose some quality when posted to Facebook. Good luck!